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Retail Tenant Improvement

Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations on every opportunity.

MSB, Inc., is a general contracting company specializing in retail, restaurant, and commercial construction and restoration. The team assembled at MSB is experienced, professional, and well versed in all phases of construction for these industries.

MSB, Inc. General Contractors Completes Radio Shack Transformation

As a preferred GC for Radio Shack, MSB completed a 6 day renovation bringing this store out of the 80's and in to the future. Using skill and experience, MSB overcame all obstacles and challenges to ensure the store was perfect for filming the XLVIII Super Bowl Commercial. It’s a great commercial that has received notable reviews. Well done, Radio Shack!

Our clients tell us we are unique in our accuracy, availability, and the alliance we foster in our relationships. With over 30 years experience, MSB Inc. has built a reputation of producing a quality product on time with an emphasis on project management and communication.

A full-time, seasoned superintendent staffs every project we undertake. On-site management will not be compromised. We know that things will not happen until we make them happen.

If you need an experienced and qualified Contractor, call MSB at 877-767-4537. We are here to serve you on your projects in the Western Region.

Our attitude toward our clients is one of respect and patience, with clear understanding that they are paying us for a service. This service will be provided in a manner that demonstrates how much we appreciate their business.

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